There´s a story to everything. This is our´s in brief.

In 1979 Jan-Olof Torstensson risked everything.
Coming from 15 years of experience and security in one of Sweden´s most well renowned industrial spheres. With 2 kids and a wife at home in a newly built house he made the decision to start a new business. Teaming up with 3 colleagues  he formed Mitab.

In 1992 Jan-Olof once again risked it all. This time to be able to operate the Mitab company on his own, following his own vision, he went to the bank for a loan of more than a yearly turnover.

During the following decade he prepared Mitab for a new generation to come. A new dawn to rise …

In 2004 the second generation of Torstensson was handed of the responsibility of moving Mitab forward. The brothers Peter and Marcus immediately started transforming the company, aiming for a new level of design consistency and ambition.